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Close contacts with top engineering schools

"Energising your campus"

Our recruitment program is based on developing trust through long-term relationships with engineering schools.

This approach is based on two major factors:

– Financial support within engineering programs

– Promoting the visibility of career paths offered by Vulcain

Each year, our teams send representatives to more than 20 career fairs to meet the engineers of tomorrow. These annual events are organized by top engineering schools, such as ENSTA ParisTech, Centrale Lille, ESIGELEC, INSA, ENSIC, Polytech, Les Mines, and ENSICAEN.

We commit significant resources towards developing professional connections with the students. In addition to participating in conferences and mock interviews held at these schools, we look to foster a culture of winning by sponsoring sports events organized by the athletic programs.

With a third of our staff comprised of fresh graduates, we offer young engineers the opportunity for a successful start to their professional careers as they enter the job market.


HR Policy

"Energising new talent"

In keeping with our company’s values of ambition and progress, we are looking for qualified men and women who are prepared to take on tomorrow’s engineering challenges.

Our HR policy emphasizes the work values and development of each person.

Whether an applicant is a fresh graduate, experienced veteran, male, or female, our recruiters believe that motivation and potential for development are extremely important qualities when joining our team. Thus, we do not strictly adhere to a standard recruiting process.

The lifeblood of our company is the individual; we grant as much importance to an applicant’s mindset, curiosity, desire to succeed, and personal experience as to the traditional spheres of engineering competence.

With a proven track record of winning over 400 contracts per year, we can offer our staff a variety of exciting assignments not only in France, but worldwide: around 100 of our engineers are currently on an assignment abroad. The necessity for learning and taking on challenges will remain ever-present throughout one’s career with Vulcain, as our consultants are given opportunities to participate in high-profile, cutting-edge projects that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Working closely with our engineers, we regularly carry out professional development meetings and provide personalized project support in order to monitor and update the career goals and progress of our staff. This process enables our employees to continuously enhance their skill-base and reach developmental milestones.

Additionally, our Human Resources department is capable of drawing up personalized training programs at the request of the employee, while respecting our relationship with and commitment to the client.

Equipment Coordinator Engineer – H/F

Posted on May 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Beginner 0-2 years
Location : Belgium
Proposed start date :
Sector : Engineering

Working with an international team, you have for main missions to take care of calls for tender and the projects’ realzations. You will be the interface between engineering teams and purchasing departent.

You will be esponsible for the following tasks:

Identify all the material needs
Take care of the interface between the different departments involved with equipments
Realize the “Project Requisition”
Classify and achieve all information on SAP software
Realize a precise follow-up of calls for tender including specifications and modifications

Engineer Master Degree,  you have a first experience in the field of oil and gas. You are rigorous, organized, proactive and you have good communication skills.

You are fluent in English (spoken and written)

You are familiar with SAP software.


Planning Engineer – H/F

Posted on April 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Beginner 0-2 years
Location : Belgium / France / International
Proposed start date :
Sector : Engineering, Project Management

You contribute to the  project realization by producing the schedules of the project and by adapting them in order to optimize the use of the resources and the milestones. You are also responsible of the progress of the project.

You will be in charge of :
The creation of the detailed schedule of the project from the contractual schedule
The tasks order of the project (diagram of GANTT and critical path)
The deployment of theworkforce and the resources on every task of the project
The daily update of the planning following the physical progress of the project
The planning and the follow-up of the activities of the subcontractors
The daily transmission of the updates in all the concerned deparments, and in particular, to the engineers and the project managers.

  • Engineer Master degree level
  • International mobility
  • Advanced knowledge of Primavera sofware
  • Fluent in English

Contract Engineer – H/F

Posted on April 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Beginner 0-2 years
Location : Belgium / France
Proposed start date : 23/03/2015
Sector : Project Management

You have for mission to protect the interests of the company and its customers during the realization of the project while minimizing the incurred financial and legal risks.

You will be in charge of the following activities:

– Analyze, study and understand the project in its entirety;
– Analyze the technical and commercial proposal and assure the coherence of the contractual clauses;
– Identify the contractual risks and propose the measures of these risks while respecting rulesfixed by the client, the current administrative and legal clauses;
– Develop the various contractual strategies;
– Draft calls for tender from the technical specifications emitted by the departments of studies, including the general conditions, the tariff conditions and of schedule.

  • Engineering Master Degree with a major in law,  economy, or management.
  • Fluent in English
  • Knowledge of techniques of negotiation and the contract law
  • Knowledge of the Office suite
  • Advanced knowledge of an ERP such as SAP
  • Advanced knowledge of a software of collaborative work such as Lotus Notes.

HVAC Engineer – H/F

Posted on April 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Junior 2-5 years
Location : Belgium / France
Proposed start date : 16/03/2015
Sector : Engineering

Working for one of our prestigious client of the Nuclear sector, your mission consists in assuring, in connection with the team schedule of an international project, the studies necessary for the progress of the project.
You will be in charge of the following activities:
– The realization of the functional  HVAC circuits
– Realize the heat balance, by integrating the values of waste
– Realize the functional plans in association with all the teams involved in the conception
– Realization of the sizing and functioning notes
– Realize all the air calculations
– Make the follow-up of the suppliers

  • Engineering Master Degree
  • Experience of 1 to 5 years within the nuclear sector
  • Knowledge of the following softwares : Climawin and Flowmaster

Offshore Logistics & Purchasing Engineer – H/F

Posted on April 19th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Beginner 0-2 years
Location : Belgium
Proposed start date :
Sector : Project Management

Working for one of our prestigious clients within the framework of international projects of infrastructures in Oil and Gas, you will be responsible for:

  • The sourcing and the analysis suppliers (financial, commercial, capacity, process).
  • The establishment of contracts of works and/or the contracts of major materials(equipments)
  • The risk management
  • The implementation of purchasing strategy
  • Master Degree in Logistics or International Purchasing
  • Minimum 5 years of experience within offshore projects
  • Motivated to work in an international environment
  • Strongly proactive
  • Fluent in french, english and spanish

Head of Engineering Department – H/F

Posted on March 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Senior +5 years
Location : Belgium
Proposed start date :
Sector : Engineering, Project Management

Working for one of our prestigious clients within a EPC  contract, you will be in charge of:

  • Follow and coordinate a team of 5 projectors
  • Follow and coordinate multi-tasking projects including metallic structure, metalwork, piping structure, civil engineering.
  • Understanding of the oil standards
  • Between 5 and 10 years of experience
  • Good knowledge in AUTOCAD software
  • Good knowledge in Micro station
  • Formal experience with team management
  • Good communication skills

Electricity Engineer – H/F

Posted on March 20th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Junior 2-5 years
Location : Belgium / France / International
Proposed start date :
Sector : Engineering

Working for one of our prestigious customers, you have for mission to design, plan, study, estimate and put to the test equipments and electric and electronic systems of levels of tension highly varied.
Furthermore, you can have a role of technical coordination on these activities towards the suppliers / customers.

You will be in charge of the following activities:
– Update specifications and balance sheets of the evolution of the project;
– Help in the analysis of the offers of the subcontracting companies;
– Assure the technical follow-up of the suppliers;
– Follow the installation studies
– Update the equipment database 

  • Engineering Master Degree with a specialization in electricity (SUPELEC, ENSHMG, ENSIEG, ESIGELEC, ENSEA, ENSEM, ESIEE, ESME SUDRIA, etc.)
  • Advanced knowledge of the following softwares: Mathcad, EMTP and Eurostag;
  • Advanced knowledge of the following project management softwares: MS Project, CANECO, ETAP, etc.
  • Knowledge of the electric equipments, the functioning of electricity networks, etc.
  • Standards of safety and construction.

LNG Manager (Senior) – H/F

Posted on March 18th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Senior +5 years
Location : Belgium
Proposed start date :
Sector : Engineering

Working for one of our prestigious clients, you will :

  • As a manager of the GNL engineering,you will be involved in the development of products, proposals and in the execution of the project
  • Concerning general development: you will participate in the development of the product
  • You will coordinate the elaboration of GNL standards and the technical rules of design
  • Support the development from a technical point of view of the proposal
  • Project and FEEDS: coordinate the diverse concerned departments
  • Minimum of 15 years of experience in Oil & Gas and at least 5 years of experience in GNL industry
  • GNL Technical knowledge
  • Exprience in team management
  • A “on site” experience would be a plus

Quality Management Engineer – H/F

Posted on March 15th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Junior 2-5 years
Location : France / International / Belgium
Proposed start date : 13/04/2015
Sector : On site, Project Management

You handle to define, to implement and to organize the procedures of follow-up and quality control on the project so as to optimize the production and meet the requirements of the project. 
The first phase of the mission takes place in engineering consulting firm in IDF (approximately 6 months), you will have the following responsibilities:
– Draft the Plan Quality and the documentation of quality control
– Analyze the customer technical specifications in association with the other departments of the project
– Participate in the definition of the levels of control and conformity of equipments
– Recommend, design and implement methods, tools and procedures
– Apply the new procedures
– Establish and coordinate the teams of inspectors
– Check the procedures of inspection and quality of the subcontractors
– Define and lead controls and audits quality to make sure of the conformity of equipments
– Inform project teams and customer by reportings of audits quality
– Set up adapted corrective and preventive actions

In expatriation, you will be to assure the interface and coordinate the activities of the site. You will also establish the customer reporting.

  • Engineering Master Degree with a specialization in quality management
  • Knowledge of the oil & gas sector
  • Fluent in English

Piping Material Engineer – H/F

Posted on February 19th, 2016
Experience level required (Junior, Senior …) : Junior 2-5 years
Location : Belgium / France
Proposed start date : 07/04/2015
Sector : Engineering

You will be in charge of the following activities:

2D / 3D Design of the plans of pipings, model equipments, piping routing and material control management;
Define all the different piping types;
Analyze material technical offers;
Establish a benchmark of the different offers;
Validate the piping plans received from the suppliers
Define the technical specifications of equipments;
Make sure of the accuracy of reportings realized on the various phases of the project by including the changes which can impact on the schedule as well as on the costs;
Manage the requisitions of the customers (questions, remarks);
Realize feasibility studies as the calculation of the thicknesses piping, study of weldability;
Manage the material;
Assure the interface between the various disciplines involved in the project;
Arrange the various disciplines: pressure equipments, mechanics, structure, electricity / instrumentation and purchase.

  • Master Degree in mechanics, industrial piping or equivalent
  • Minimal experience of 2 years as engineer piping
  • Knowledge of the following standards : ASTM / ASME, NF, CODETI and the code of construction B31.3
  • Fluent in English